Property contract

This agreement is entered into between HostelCulture International (hereafter referred to as HCI) and the owner of the property named below (hereafter referred to as the Licensee).

The third party purchaser of accommodation will be herein referred to as “the Customer”.

A. HCI agrees;

  • To provide marketing services in order to efficiently sell bed nights allocated.
  • To promote the Licensee's property and services via HCI's reservation sites.
  • To charge the customer's credit card with a deposit as referred to in key details.
  • To facilitate effective collection of appropriate no-show charges on behalf of the licensee.

B. The Licensee agrees;

  • All information provided to HCI is valid, accurate and consistently maintained to reflect any changes.
  • All information provided to HCI for display on HCI site(s) is the sole responsibility of the Licensee in respect of content, images, videos, logos, trademarks, graphics etc. HCI accepts no liability for said content and the Licensee indemnifies HCI against the same in every respect.
  • To honour all bookings made via HCI on their behalf.
  • To respond promptly to any and all queries from HCI.
  • Should the Licensee be unable to honour a booking made via HCI the Licensee undertakes to provide a solution, of equal or greater value, to the customers' satisfaction with no recourse to HCI.
  • To be in possession of authorisation and all appropriate permits to provide accommodation.
  • To undertake all relevant insurance policies to cover all potential liabilities and to indemnify HCI against any loss whatsoever.
  • That this agreement is being executed by an authorised representative.
  • To charge the customer only the balance due, as per their booking confirmation, on arrival to the property.
  • That all information provided for display will be devoid of any visible link or promotional incentive for direct communication between the customer the Licensee and any of its associated entities.
  • To make available to all in-house guests any relevant promotional material which my be supplied by HCI.

Termination of this agreement

Both parties agree to provide 60 day’s written notice in the event of termination of this agreement. In such event the Licensee agrees to honour all bookings made prior to termination of agreement.

Key Details

  • HCI is incorporated under the laws of Ireland. Both HCI and The Licensee agree that this agreement is entered into under the legal authority of the Irish courts and this agreement is governed, controlled and interpreted by the laws of Ireland.
  • This original English language version of the agreement determines the rights and obligations of both parties and shall over-ride any non-English language versions which may be provided as a courtesy only.
  • HCI reserves the right to update / change the terms of this agreement at its sole discretion with a minimum of 4 days’ notice to the Licensee. Should the Licensee be opposed to any updates to the agreement they can terminate the agreement no later than 7 days after notification of said changes were issued from HCI. In such a case the original agreement terms shall remain in place until termination.
  • This agreement is personal to the property owner, whether executed by an authorised representative or the property owner, and cannot be transferred to anyone else without HCI’s written permission. The Licensee agrees to inform HCI of any intent or order to transfer ownership of the property to another person, organisation, entity or otherwise in advance of such a transfer occurring. This agreement in no way signifies that HCI and the Licensee are partners in any sense or part-taking in a joint venture.
  • This agreement is effective from the date of account set-up and electronic acceptance (or signature) of these terms and conditions as indicated by a duly authorised Licensee representative.